Create a new, refreshed key visual for Commencement Class Giving 2022. The design should inspire pride in being affiliated with NUS, as well as encourage students to leave a legacy by making a gift in support of their juniors. Read More!

Create and design a Bug Bounty Challenge advertisement, which can be used in Bug Bounty Challenge 2021, an initiative to improve our cybersecurity awareness and posture through community effort. Read More!

Think up and re-write a slogan and create a logo that alumni can resonate with. The new design should stay abreast of the digital age and reflect Alumni identity going forward. Read More!

Create and design an infographic to highlight the wonderful properties of WhatIF Foods Noodles and why they are special. The design should bring out the technology behind our noodles, their nutritional properties and how they compare to other similar products in the market. The infographic should also demonstrate how this product is more environmentally friendly to the planet. Read More!

Create a series of digital badge as credentials featuring: CFA Arts Excellence Group Executive Committee (EXCO), CFA Arts Ambassador, Community Outreach Ambassador. Read More!